Music Ministry

Palisades Chancel Choir

Palisades Music Ministry is highlighted by both the Chancel Choir and the Praise Band. The two teams work together to bring a level of engagement to worship that appeals to all ages.


Palisades Chancel Choir, under the direction of Kelley Hart


The chancel choir presents liturgical anthems each week as part of worship services. Any and all who love to sing and praise the Lord are invited to participate. World renowned composers of church anthems are selected and presented enabling a variety of musical reverence to be absorbed by the congregation.





Palisades Praise Band

Come to Zion - Palisades Praise Band

Come to Zion – Palisades Praise Band

The Palisades Praise Band provides uplifting music for the glory of God each Sunday morning and at special services and events throughout the year. Drums, guitars, vocals, keyboard, and piano are used to present contemporary praise songs for worship.