Fellowship Groups

Palisades fellowship groups provide further opportunities for individuals to connect with one another outside of the church universal. Groups gather to celebrate common bonds and offer mutual support and common purpose. And of course have lots of fun. If you don’t see a group listed below that interests you, contact the church office about starting your own group.

Men’s Group

Fourth Wednesday of the month @ Troy’s  Restaurant at 6 p.m.

 Second Tuesday of the month @ Brother’s Restaurant at 7:30 a.m. 
An informal group, the Men’s Group invites men {and women} to join them for fellowship. Discussions normally involve church happenings, local and national topics, politics and sports. Some members are old, some are young; some are retired and some work. In short this group attempts to bridge the gaps in Christian faith.

Huff & Puff

Monday & Thursday afternoons at 10 a.m.
Join this group for fellowship and exercise. Participants complete low-impact aerobic classes in the fellowship hall.

Women’s Faith Fellowship

Women’s group meets the first Wednesday of every month at 10:30am in the Lounge, followed by lunch at an offsite location.

Join us for faith and fellowship in a circle of women with shared goals and spirit!